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Historic Kingsville (MD) Home Destroyed by Fire

A historic home was destroyed by fire yesterday in Kingsville, Maryland, according to news reports. Angie Hughes provided some photos from the scene.

WBAL-TV reported that a contractor at the home, which was built back in the 1850s, was able to escape the fire unscathed. No people were injured in the fire, however a dog was killed.

“This area poses challenges for firefighters because it’s a nonhydrant area, so you have to request additional engines to get water,” said Nicholas Tyson of the Baltimore County (MD) Fire Department.

According to Hughes, the house was built in the 1850s and was owned by the VonParis family. The house was passed down from generation to generation . The family is known for their moving company, which worked for the Baltimore Ravens.

The fire was dispatched around 5 p.m. First-arriving units from the Kingsville Volunteer Fire Department reported heavy fire all sides. Units requested a tanker strike team as the area is not hydranted, and this quickly evolved to a second alarm. Collapse occurred during the defensive fire attack. The home was a total loss with one family pet not surviving. Baltimore County FID was requested to investigate the fire cause.


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