Firefighting, Structural Firefighting

Search and Rescue by the Numbers

Issue 02 and Volume 173.

Firefighter Rescue Survey
By Nick Ledin For some reason, even in the age of big data, the fire service still doesn’t know how many rescues we effect each year. Our primary mission is life safety, and we don’t measure how many lives we save! How ridiculous is that? That’s like Apple not knowing how many iPhones it sells or the Yankees not knowing how many wins they have. We also don’t track where civilians are found, who finds them, how long it takes to find them, how long it takes us to remove them once they have been found, and how victims are physically removed from the fire building, and on and on. We do a great job of tracking our injuries and deaths for civilians and firefighters, but we have no idea of how many lives we save on the fireground. Firefighter Rescue Survey Fireground Rescue Survey (FRS) ( was launched a…

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