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Aerial Ladders: How Strong Is Your Ladder Game?

Issue 02 and Volume 173.

By Nick Wilbur It is 3 a.m., and your department is dispatched as first-due to a fire in a residential building. The size-up reports there are three stories in the front and four in the rear and fire showing from side A. People are reported to be trapped on the top floor on the C side of the building; they are hanging out of the window. How are you going to get them out? Almost every department can picture some building in its response area that fits this scenario. Whether you are responsible to staff a ladder truck or not, this one is for you. Only when we understand what other disciplines need can we support their operation. RELATED TRAINING Drills: Aerial Operations Safe Aerial Operations AERIAL OPERATIONS FOR LOW-RISE BUILDINGS Training Minutes Revisited: Removing Victims via Aerial Ladder For most fire departments, the first option at a fire is…

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