Apparatus & Equipment

Aerial Operations and Power Lines

Issue 02 and Volume 173.

By Michael Wilbur Most fire departments that have aerial devices have to deal with electric power lines on poles that get in the way when they want to operate those aerial devices to reach buildings. It is essential for us to learn how to operate those aerial devices safely around power lines. Like many firefighters, I have a limited knowledge of electricity, but I do know that coming into contact with energized power lines is never a good experience. I know that higher voltage lines are more dangerous than lower voltage lines, but even low-voltage lines can deliver a fatal shock. I was taught to stay far away from anything long, black, and slinky attached to a pole. RELATED Aerial Ladders: How Strong Is Your Ladder Game? The Do’s and Don’ts of Positioning Aerial Apparatus on the Fireground Training Minutes Revisited: Repositioning Aerial Apparatus Safe and Effective Aerial Ladder Operations Every firefighter should…

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