Apparatus & Equipment

The Ins and Outs of Basic Aerial Operations

Issue 02 and Volume 173.

TRAINING NOTEBOOK ❘ By Greg Sellers It’s late in the evening. The alarm comes in for a structure fire in the older part of town, buildings with which you are familiar. Tight streets, power lines all over the place, balloon-frame houses, and many structures in less-than-ideal conditions. The police radio reports received while you are responding indicate you are going to work—fire showing with people trapped. Aerial Operations and Power Lines The Do’s and Don’ts of Positioning Aerial Apparatus on the Fireground Safe Aerial Operations Aerial Ladders: How Strong Is Your Ladder Game? You and your officer decide to go past the street and around the block to the address. This will get the truck to the front of the building behind the first-due engine and will place your turntable at a corner for best access. Yes, you see the wires and leave room for your outriggers. The operations are…

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