Fire EMS, Health & Safety

The Link Between Work Stress and Blood Pressure

Issue 02 and Volume 173.

fireEMS ❘ By Megan A. Carty, Rachel L. Dickinson, Cassandra C. Derella, and Deborah Feairheller Firefighter Luke hears his pager alarm and rushes to the fire station for another day as a volunteer firefighter. Luke is trained and fully aware of his capabilities as a firefighter, but what he does not know is how that pager sound may be adversely affecting his health. The alarm sound triggers an instant sympathetic nervous system response. This response is often associated with a spike in blood pressure (BP), and it may be a main contributor to the cardiovascular-related line-of-duty death (LODD) incidence in firefighters.1 Reducing Firefighter Health Risks Before, During, and After Incidents FLAME Out: Cardiovascular Risk on the Fireground How Should Firefighters Exercise? There is a direct relationship between work stress and increased blood pressure.2,3 The occupational demands of firefighters place them at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD).1,4,5 We…

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