Letters to the Editor: February 2020

Issue 02 and Volume 173.

Leadership is a responsibility to do more An officer is given an opportunity to lead a company, a division, or a department. But what is a leader? A leader leads or commands a group, an organization, or a person who is most advanced or successful in a particular area. Opportunity to lead.You have been given that opportunity to be a leader, but what are you leading? As a company fire officer, you serve as the first-line supervisor and are responsible for tasks such as the overall safety of crews and assignments; addressing incorrect actions and behavior; and providing positive reinforcement and motivation through training, passion, and purpose. As a chief officer, you serve as the facilitator of the organization and assume all responsibility. Chief officers are responsible for the implementation of standard operating guidelines, providing effective and positive discipline, ensuring the appropriate resources and opportunities, and creating a positive and…

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