Health & Safety

How Do You and Your Department Survive a Traumatic Event?

Issue 02 and Volume 173.

WHAT WE LEARNED ❘ By AARON BURLINGAME I like to think I do things the right way. As a 20-year member of the fire service, I’ve set myself up for success—not taking shortcuts—getting the best education from the fire academy/paramedic school possible and furthering my education with the best classes in the field by the best instructors. As a captain of an engine company and a training officer, I take all training seriously, and I pass on to others any education I acquire. I also stay in good physical and mental shape. On the job, I take the right precautions for my crew and myself, and yet, still, I found myself involved in an explosion that left me with second- and third-degree burns to my hands and face. I sat in a traumatic burn center wondering if I would be able to return mentally, physically, and emotionally to the job…

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