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Two Indianapolis Firefighters Hurt at House Fire

Indianapolis fire truck and firefighters at the scene of a structure fire
Photo courtesy Rita Reith, IFD

Two Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) firefighters were injured at a house fire, reports RTV6 Indianapolis.

IFD was dispatched to a double residence fire Saturday night right before 9 p.m. Crews found the house to be vacant, worn down, and decrepit inside.

Due to the many holes inside the residence, two IFD firefighters sustained minor injuries. Both firefighters were transported to Methodist Hospital.

According to IFD Battalion Chief Rita Reith, one firefighter fell through hole in the floor and sustained a possible injury to the ribs. A second firefighter was transported for possible dehydration.

According to neighbors, the home, located at 41/43 Parkview Ave., had been vacant for some time. There were reports of squatters in and out of the house. Structural integrity inside the home was severely compromised. Neighbors said the interior of the home was gutted prior to the fire, according to the IFD report.


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