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Firefighter Line-of-Duty Deaths: Wellness Counts!

Issue 03 and Volume 173.

By Dena Ali Firefighters rarely die inside burning buildings, concludes Bill Carey, who researches line-of-duty-death (LODD) data. In “One Out of 93,” he reviewed the causes of firefighter fatalities in 2017. He found that although annual LODD rates have remained relatively constant, on-duty deaths in the areas where the highest performance is expected—such as advancing hoselines inside burning structures—are declining.1 In a later article, Carey reported that in 2017, zero firefighters died while advancing hoselines inside burning structures.2 The striking conclusion is that firefighters are dying by causes other than fire behavior and building collapse. RELATED Sleep: A Missing Link to Cancer Prevention Is Physical Wellness Impacting Mental Wellness? NFPA 1582: The Standard for You and Your Family Although LODD numbers are decreasing, the data implicating an increase from other causes is concerning. This article explains the need for multifaceted wellness programs that address aerobic fitness, mental health, recovery, nutrition,…

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