Fireground Management, Leadership

The Need for Resource-Based Emergency Response Systems

Issue 03 and Volume 173.

By Nathan S. Lindgren Across the country, in today’s fast-paced world of emergency response systems, we as a community have evolved. But, this evolution of response systems does not equally affect our community wholly, which can cause problems when trying to coordinate response and mutual-aid efforts. In some areas of the country, the morphing of response systems is quite progressive, making every incident more likely to be mitigated rapidly by ensuring coverage areas are always protected and the quickest and most effective response (based on testing and research) is achieved. In other areas, consistency is lacking, and resources are not supported or depended on, both in local agencies and those that they border. Even worse, some of the most progressive departments in the country fail to recognize supporting agencies based on personal bias and preference, further delaying resource arrival to a situation that is degrading extremely fast. Regional Multicompany Hands-On…

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