Fire EMS

Duties of a Designated Infection Control Officer

Issue 03 and Volume 173.

fireEMS ❘ BY KATHERINE H. WEST AND JAMES R. CROSS Every emergency response organization in the United States is required to have a designated infection control officer (DICO) who serves as a liaison between members/employees who have sustained exposures to communicable diseases and the medical facilities to which source patients involved in those exposures have been transported. Although not a new requirement, there is confusion in many departments regarding the role and responsibilities of the DICO. Fire and emergency medical services (EMS) departments have a legal responsibility to ensure exposed employees receive appropriate postexposure medical follow-up. The DICO’s job is to ensure that happens. This article will help chief officers and administrators to understand the responsibilities of the DICO, the importance of selecting an appropriate person to serve, and the need for the DICO to have full administrative support. Webcast: What You Need to Know about COVID-19 Response Guideline to Respiratory…

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