Engine Company, Firefighting

Hose Stretches

Issue 03 and Volume 173.

By Chad Menard When firefighters arrive on the scene of a structure fire, one of the first tasks they have to accomplish is stretching an attack line. The building’s size, shape, and height will be the determining factors in what kind of stretch they use. There’s an old adage that says, “The fire will go as the first line goes.” In other words, if the attack line is stretched in a poor manner, the firefight will not go as planned because a poor stretch leads to other problems and those problems will compound and lead to more chaos. RELATED A Guide to Selecting the Attack Line The Second Line: A Backup Line or a Second Attack Line Training Minutes: Moving the Attack Line First-Arriving Engine: A Progressive Fire Attack Plan Several methods of stretching a hoseline are outlined in the following paragraphs. Although you may not use all of them…

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