Firefighter Training

The Importance of Lessons Learned During Training

Issue 03 and Volume 173.

By Stephen F. Shaw Jr. Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Fire-Rescue (FLFR) recently conducted truck company training with its on-duty ladder crews. The content included rotary rescue saw etiquette, vertical ventilation, and cutting sectional garage doors. In addition to ensuring that all the content was covered, we focused on those little nuances that sometimes are missed in the grand scheme of things. We actively searched for the lessons learned pertaining to ladder skills so that they could be used to further enhance our training program. Some valuable takeaways included the following: crews cutting too deep when rolling rafters, members not letting the saw do the work, and crews not holding the handle of the rotary saw efficiently when making horizontal cuts. These lessons, combined with the experiences, thoughts, and advice from senior crews, enabled us to recognize the strong work from our members and to help the Training Bureau to enhance our…

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