Firefighting, Truck Company

Ground Ladders: Size Really Does Matter

Issue 03 and Volume 173.

A view of firefighters and various ladders on the fireground
Photo courtesy of Tim Olk
Ground ladders are a vital aspect of the fireground operation equation. They are used in many of the operations performed on the fireground, including access/egress, search and rescue, ventilation, hoselines (lines over ladders), and proactive rapid intervention. When fire departments spec their apparatus, particularly their aerial apparatus, they must ensure that they provide their firefighters with the assortment of ground ladders that gives them the greatest level of operational capability. To understand the operational capability of the ground ladder assortment, firefighters must first understand the capabilities of each of the individual ladders. RELATED Ground Ladders, Not Just for Egress Truck Company Operations: Boston’s Ladder Culture Throw Back to Basics: Ground Ladder Tip Placement Yes, Your Engine Carries Ground Ladders! Ladder Types The following types of ladders are carried most often by fire departments: The 14-foot straight and roof ladders are common ground ladders found on engine and truck company apparatus.…

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