Wildland Firefighting

Initial Attack in the Wildland Urban Interface

Issue 03 and Volume 173.

Wildland Urban Interface ❘ By Kevin Cashman For a century, America has faced a nonstop conflict against wildfire. The struggle has ebbed and flowed, and strategies have evolved, but every year there is smoke on the horizon and flames in our backwoods. Municipal firefighters are no doubt positioned at the front lines of this conflict, as the following grim statistic demonstrates: Of the 209 firefighters killed as the result of wildfires between 2001 and 2015, 73 were from career or volunteer fire departments.1 Wildfires are dangerous for firefighters from all agencies. In 2018, 40 percent of all fireground deaths in the United States were at wildfire incidents.2 RELATED Engine Crew Tips for Engaging the WUI Firefight Role of the Type I Engine Forewarned Is Forearmed: Preparing for Fire Weather in the WUI The place where this conflict is most severe and where the stakes are the highest is in the…

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