Letters to the Editor: March 2020

Issue 03 and Volume 173.

Codes and emergency firefighter communications I read with great interest the article by Chief Brian Crimmins of the Hoboken (NJ) Fire Department (“High-Rise Radio Coverage Improved Through Mandated Technology,” Fire Engineering, October 2019) regarding the implementation of the Fire Fighter Emergency Communication System requirements. I applaud the proactive efforts by the department to find solutions to the difficult and life-threatening emergency communications. I also applaud the chief and his team’s efforts on using the requirements in the codes to accomplish this initiative. I could not help but think that this article may also provide a teaching moment on the importance of the fire service’s participation in the code process. We have to remember that if we want to improve the work environment of our firefighters, we have to participate in the processes that establish how this work environment will be designed, built, and maintained. These processes are our codes and…

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