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Jackson Hole (WY) Fire/EMS Vigilant During Coronavirus Pandemic

Jackson Hole (WY) – Members of the Jackson Hole (WY) Fire/EMS Department (JHFEMSD) are taking great care not only for their medical patients but also themselves while working through the coronavirus pandemic in the midst of a spread in Teton County, as reported by

These precautions include wearing personal protective equipment (PPE); disinfecting vehicles after a call; and going home, and showering, and changing their clothes before returning to work or responding to the next call.

The JHFEMSD is also working in consort with the Teton County Sheriff’s Office and the Jackson Police Department, inspiring their employees to also wear PPE.

Under normal circumstances, the JHFEMSD downsizes to a smaller staff in early April. However, the nature of the world’s environment is such that the department will not be able to do so.

Currently, two of the department’s 100+ members are in quarantine because they traveled outside the region, not because of COVID-19 symptoms. All Fire/EMS personnel must take their temperatures twice a day as part of monitoring their own health.