Fireground Management, Leadership

Command 2020: Clear Vision for Command Training and Your Next Fire

Issue 04 and Volume 173.

By Anthony Kastros The “New Millennium” isn’t so new. We are 20 years into the 21st century. The modern incident commander (IC) must have a clear vision before the fire ever comes. Based on experience and training, trial and error, the IC must share that clear vision with the entire fire department, shift, battalion, and alarm [based on your response system and standard operating guidelines (SOGs)]. Before entering battle, the modern warrior visualizes the battlefield, the enemy, and the plan. Although every fire is different, the more the seasoned, experienced, and motivated IC can prepare the troops for battle before it comes, the more the troops will be able to visualize the battle and adjust at the time of execution. As inevitable changes, unexpected conditions, and countless other variables unfold, the IC and the troops can make adjustments more easily because of the shared vision and training that occurred before…

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