Drills, Firefighter Training

Company Drills: Keep Them Coming Back for More

Issue 04 and Volume 173.

BY DREW R. SMITH What makes a company drill exceptional? What makes a good drill great? One answer: the instructor. With proper preparation and practice delivery, a company officer can make any drill great. Even with limited resources and minimal experience, instructors can devise a great drill. All they have to do is care and give it effort. The more company drills instructors perform, the better they will get, and the better the drills will become. RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING Drills You’re Not Going to Find in the Books QUALITIES OF A GOOD INSTRUCTOR Regional Multicompany Hands-On Training TRUCK COMPANY DRILLS AT ACQUIRED STRUCTURES Drills need not be complicated or resource intensive but must be realistic and relevant. Nobody wants to go to an empty parking lot and drop hose or throw ladders against a blank brick wall for the hundredth time. What makes a good drill great? Creating an environment…

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