Firefighting, Fireground Management

Uncommitted Tactical Reserve Assignment: The RIT Assist Team

Issue 04 and Volume 173.

By Anthony Avillo Uncommitted assignment: That sounds like an oxymoron. The fire service has a knack for unique phrases, so I figured, why not one more? I have played around with this concept in my head for more than two years; discussed it with other officers; and thought that I had heard it somewhere before, but no one I talked to had heard of anyone who mentioned or addressed it. It is similar to the tactical reserve concept but takes it a step further, enhancing the firefighter safety profile of the operation and fostering a proactive mindset while maintaining resource pools. Situation: RIT Activation and Call for Assistance You are the incident commander (IC) at an active structural fire incident that involves a three-story, wood-frame multiple dwelling built in the early 1900s with heavy smoke showing on all floors. Companies are in an offensive operation mode, searches are in progress,…

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