Technical Rescue, Terrorism

Emerging Terrorist Threats for First Responders

Issue 04 and Volume 173.

By Chris Angermuller First responders must remain vigilant and be up to date on terrorist threats and the emerging trends in the realm of terrorist attacks. As we have observed through the years, terrorists are always looking for new ways to draw attention to their causes and inflict the greatest amount of harm possible with their brutal attacks. Cyberthreats and Cyberterrorism An emerging category of threats that needs to be addressed is cyberthreat/cyberterrorism. Many of us may be sick and tired of being bombarded with information about how Russia interfered with our recent presidential elections, but this intrusion should be of tremendous concern to all of us as a nation. Russia is not the only noted state actor to participate in cyberattacks. The U.S. Intelligence Community has reported that state actors such as China have the ability to launch cyberattacks that can temporarily disrupt for days or weeks localized critical…

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