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When a Nuisance Call Turns into a Real Call

Issue 04 and Volume 173.

By Mark Bagniewski We have all had that call that comes just as you sit down for dinner, the call that has come in at the same time every day for the past week. But, what happens when that assumed nuisance call is an emergency? Have you and your crew become complacent? Are you battle ready and planning your strategy? The Cranford (NJ) Fire Department (CFD) was faced with this situation in December 2019. The dispatch was for a possible fire in a single-family home. This address had quite a built-up file over the past years because of numerous recreational fire issues and careless burning calls. This call, however, was different from all the others: It stretched a small department to its limits and forced the firefighters to work in the most efficient way possible. Initial Response and Size-Up Crews were dispatched at 1812 hours for the report of an…

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