Drills, Firefighter Training

Enhancing Operational Readiness One Drill at a Time

Issue 04 and Volume 173.

Firefighters at a training evolution at FDIC 2018
TRAINING NOTEBOOK ❘ By G. Howard Blythe Regardless of the size of the department, everyone is concerned with getting the highest return on the department’s training investment. Most times, departments have no measure to definitively reflect if a training session or training plan is having the impact the department leadership desires. In 2008, a fire department participated in an exercise to determine if measurable changes to performance could be achieved by instituting a training program that focused on achieving proficient execution of individual tactics and then allowing the personnel to apply those polished skills to the operational realities of the department. Evaluation The first step was to evaluate the types of responses the department performed annually and categorize them according to incident type. There will always be some outliers, but most departments respond to similar types of incidents such as car accidents, brush fires, and chimney fires. The department developed…

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