Fire EMS

Pediatrics: “BRUE” Replaces “ALTE”

Issue 04 and Volume 173.

fireEMS ❘ By Nick Paproski You are dispatched to a baby reported not to be breathing. While you are en route, dispatch updates you that the baby is now alert and crying. You arrive to find the parents frightened and the baby alert and breathing normally, with no obvious distress. The mother explains that during feeding, the baby suddenly stopped breathing for a few seconds, turned pale, and became very rigid. Within less than a minute, the baby started to cough and cry. What should be your plan of action? Is transport necessary? What was ALTE? Prior to the term “Apparent Life Threatening Event” (ALTE), occurrences like this case were frequently referred to as “near-miss Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)” or “aborted crib death.”1 An already stressful experience was made infinitely worse when parents were (incorrectly) told that their child was now at an increased risk of SIDS. After many…

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