Webcast: Reading Smoke: The Next Generation

Smoke billows from a balcony
Photo courtesy the Indianapolis Fire Department

How are your skills when it comes to reading smoke? Join us for a Webcast with Phil Jose of the Seattle (WA) Fire Department as he takes a fresh look at this vital skill.

Like any skill, reading smoke improves with practice. Integrated use of live incidents, recent scientific data, as well as “best practices” continue to renew the reading smoke curriculum. Highlights include a new look at the combinations of volume, velocity, density, and color; street-read clarifications/additions; and the solving of the “Volume Paradox.” Whether you are new to the reading smoke topic or a longtime practitioner, improved decision making relies on the cues and clues available in reading smoke.

Phil Jose retired as deputy chief from the Seattle (WA) Fire Department after 30 years of service. He chaired the Standard Operating Guidelines and the Post-Incident Analysis committees. He has been an FDIC International instructor for 14 years. He was Chief of the Year 2014 and a co-recipient of the FDIC 2008 Tom Brennan Training Achievement Award. He is the author of Air Management for the Fire Service (Fire Engineering, 2008) and Train the Trainer (2015) and the “Bread and Butter” video for SCBA (Fire Engineering, 2012).