Firefighting, Structural Firefighting

Response at a Virginia Farm Building Fire with Trapped Animals

Issue 5 and Volume 173.

FIRE FOCUS ❘ by MICHAEL J. BARAKEY On February 6, 2019, Suffolk (VA) Fire & Rescue (SFR) was presented with a challenging fire involving a large building with multiple animals reported trapped. Agriculture buildings store and house products and materials that are combustible and hazardous such as straw, grain, and fertilizers. These buildings also house large vehicles such as trucks, combines, and tractors that support planting and harvesting crops. Most importantly, these buildings house living animals such as cattle, horses, chickens, and dogs. Because of the animals’ size and the equipment used in farming and agriculture, these buildings are large. Responses to these buildings are often complicated by their design; the construction materials used; the distance off the road that leads to access problems for fire apparatus; a lack of municipal water supplies; and the lack of alarm, detection, and suppression systems in the building (photo 1). RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING…

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