Fire EMS

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Fire-Based Ambulance Crews on the Fireground

Issue 5 and Volume 173.

fireEMS ❘ By Tim Griswold Although most fire departments have taken an all-hazards approach to emergency response, the primary mission of the fire department remains fire suppression. Fire departments are well-equipped to provide emergency medical services (EMS), and in the United States, 45 percent of fire departments provide an ambulance service.1 Members of these departments, especially those assigned to ambulances, spend much of their time carrying out EMS-related responsibilities. Although some communities assign their ambulance personnel strictly to EMS duties, with the proper equipment, training, procedures, and culture, the fire-based ambulance can be a valuable asset on the fireground. Fire-Based EMS: The Role of Ambulance Crews on the Fireground Engine Company EMS: Keeping the Fire in EMS Response How EMS Calls Benefit the Fire Service To maximize the effectiveness of the ambulance crew on the fireground, the ambulance must be properly designed and equipped for the tasks the crew is…

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