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Webcast: Dan Kerrigan on Firefighter Fitness and Wellness

Firefighter lifting a ladder
Photo by Tim Olk

Join us for a Webcast with Dan Kerrigan on simple steps firefighters can take to maintain their well-being.

Proper nutrition, hydration, and recovery are critical components of wellness. You will become acquainted with the “toxic twins” that combine to drastically increase a firefighter’s chance of suffering sudden cardiac death. Discussion encompasses also proactive hydration, proper rehabilitation at incidents, rest and recovery techniques, optimizing your overall health throughout the day, and quality sleep.

This Webcast is a must if you want to take your health and wellness to the next level. The focus is on a comprehensive approach to firefighter wellness. It provides a much needed “gut check” and offers information and tips for more comprehensive fitness, improved performance, a reduced risk of injury and illness, and increased longevity.


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