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Helicopter Used to Rescue Hiker Bitten by Rattlesnake in AZ

PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities used a Phoenix Police Department helicopter to rescue a man bit by a rattlesnake while hiking on South Mountain in the city’s mountain preserve Friday.

Fire Capt. Rob McDade said the helicopter was used because the man was near the top of the mountain and because it was imperative to get him to a hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

The man had called 911 after being bit and reported he felt dizzy and lightheaded, said McDade, a Fire Department spokesman.

A rescue team first hiked to the scene and then the police helicopter inserted an aircraft rescue technician before hoisting the hiker off the mountain, McDade said.

The man was flown to a landing zone and then transported to a hospital, McDade.

He said the Phoenix area is now in a time of year when rattlesnakes are very active and that hikers and others should use caution while on trails and other park areas.

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