Qualifying Members on Tools and Apparatus: Task, Condition, and Standard Method

Issue 6 and Volume 173.

VOLUNTEERS CORNER ❘ BY JERRY KNAPP Every volunteer fire department has a variety of members with widely varying careers outside the firehouse, each bringing unique knowledge, skills, and abilities to the organization. This is a powerful advantage to organizations on and off the fireground. However, managing the members can be difficult. One problem volunteer departments face is qualifying their members with those diverse skills, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives as tool and apparatus operators. Time is the enemy of all volunteer fire departments, so why burden members with silly requirements—e.g., do the evolution 10 times at 10 separate training sessions to be “qualified”? If members/trainees can perform the skill, qualify them, the sooner the better. We all learn at different rates; if your trainee demonstrates proficiency in three evolutions, why waste his time for seven more evolutions that have no training value and only delay the use of his skills for…

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