Firefighter Training

RIT Profile Reduction: The Mule Train

Issue 6 and Volume 173.

TRAINING NOTEBOOK ❘ By STEPHEN GREEN By now, most of us in the fire service have had some form of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) profile reduction training. The “how” and “why” are very simple: We need to overcome obstacles such as narrow hallways, collapsed areas, and void spaces as well as narrow/enclosed hallways, hoarder houses, small bedrooms, and even smaller store/shop aisles. RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING Moving a Down Firefighter Up Stairs Improvised 2-to-1 Hauling System for a Down Firefighter Removal Survival Options for the Down Firefighter Training Minutes: Navigating Stairs with a Down Firefighter Low profiling or profile reduction has usually been an offshoot of technical rescue and firefighter survival training, teaching you how best to properly and efficiently move through obstacles as you attempt self-rescue or to rescue others. What we are examining here are the critical need for profile reduction and its role in the exfiltration part of…

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