Wildland Firefighting

Tips for the WUI Engine

Issue 6 and Volume 173.

Wildland Urban Interface ❘ By Brandon Woodward It’s late April as of this writing, and in Texas, this signals the back end of the winter fire season. Many of our largest and most devastating fires have occurred during this time of year. Areas across the nation have seasons of wildfire, many with which you are probably familiar. Regardless of where you work, there is the potential for you to be dispatched to an emerging wildfire that is threatening homes and putting other values at risk. In most cases, these fires move very quickly, produce extreme fire behavior, and can be deadly to civilians and firefighters. Preparation and knowledge are the best tools for effectiveness, and knowing your enemy is the best tool to keep you and your personnel safe. Following are some helpful tips and basic facts when faced with these events. RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING The 2020 Wildland Supplement Initial…

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