Fire EMS

Endurance for the Duration

Issue 6 and Volume 173.

Fire/Rescue StreetSense ❘ By Kate Dernocoeur In the worldwide scramble to respond to the incredible threat of COVID-19, emergency services have risen to the occasion. Of course, we have. We always do. Gratifying though it is to see our collective efforts heralded as heroic, the volume of the public’s thanks can seem sort of odd. After all, addressing threats to our communities and helping in whatever ways we can are basically what we signed up to do, right? Certainly, the heavy lifting has been the burden of our emergency medical services (EMS) colleagues, those leaving the ambulance stations and firehouses specifically to deliver emergency medical care. Hats off especially to all of them. ALSO Compassion, Performance, Respect Growing Concern Regarding the Need for Post-COVID First Responder Medical Surveillance Fire Department Response to Healthcare Facilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic Invisible, Unnerving, Unique Enemy But all of us share the uncertainty of…

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