Firefighting, Structural Firefighting

Third-Alarm Ductwork Fire: Communications and Coordination Ensure Success

Issue 6 and Volume 173.

By Stephen Marsar February 10, 2020, was a relatively mild day for the time of the year in New York City; it was 49°F and overcast with a threat of rain. At 1542 hours, the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) received a telephone alarm directly, not through a 911 unified call taker. The call for Box 437 was received as a “residential multiple-dwelling fire, caller in apartment 2.” No additional information was given. The address was reported as 48 East 7th Street at the corner of Second Avenue. This was the 830th FDNY alarm in Manhattan for that day. The initial response ticket included Engines (E) 33, 5, and 28 and Ladders (L) 9 and 3 (in assigned order), along with the Battalion 6 (B6). As I was responding as the B6 chief, the Manhattan dispatcher radioed that they had received a second call. When asked what the second…

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