News in Brief: June 2020

Issue 6 and Volume 173.

Country code variations impact escape time from flashover Researchers at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) conducted tests of room burns to assess how fire standards of the United States, France, and the United Kingdom (U.K.) affected time to flashover in a replicated realistic environment. The study revealed that the American- and French-furnished rooms reached flashover in five to six minutes, whereas the U.K. room took 22 minutes. In addition, the researchers determined that the upholstered furniture from the U.K. contained the most fire-retardant protection and produced the least acutely toxic smoke than the other two rooms with U.S. and French furnishings. “Most countries test upholstered furniture for fire performance; however, fire preventative measures and testing standards applied to consumer products vary greatly by country,” says Dr. Matthew Blais, SwRI director of fire technology and principal investigator. SwRI fire engineers conducted nine room burns. Each of the three identically furnished sets…

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