Wayne, Billy, and Susan Meet Cheech and Chong

Issue 6 and Volume 173.

editor’s opinion ❘ By BOBBY HALTON One of the most humorous lines today is, “They will be judged as being on the wrong side of history.” Well, unless you’re Mr. Peabody and Sherman and you have a “way back” and “way forward” machine, that’s just simple nonsense. History is history, and we need to look at all of it in context. Sometimes it helps us understand what’s going on right now—at least it does for me, especially when we’re talking about marijuana. Right now, marijuana is legal medically in about half the states, and it’s also legal recreationally in several. One of the questions we should be thinking about now is how we are going to manage it when it finally is legal nationwide as a recreational substance. That is not a trivial question, nor is it one that we should ignore or pretend is not going to happen. It…

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