Leadership, Volunteer Fire Service

Professional Development for the Volunteer Fire Service

Issue 7 and Volume 173.

VOLUNTEERS CORNER ❘ By Thomas A. Merrill Delivering exceptional service is the trademark of a professional firefighter. If a firefighter happens to be a volunteer, he can still act professionally and deliver professional service. Professionalism is not defined by a paycheck. Even if some definitions do include earning a living or receiving pay, let’s worry about what we do have control over. Let’s work as hard as we can to uphold all the other attributes that define and showcase professionalism. It’s so ironic that one common complaint volunteer firefighters have is that they are not given the respect they think they deserve, but there is no shortage of incidents depicting volunteer departments and firefighters performing in a manner that damages the reputation of the volunteer fire service. Now, most certainly, some of the challenges volunteer departments face that directly impact their professional reputation are completely out of their control. Limited…

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