Firefighting, Structural Firefighting

10 Commandments for Operations in Small Box Stores with Limited Staffing

Issue 7 and Volume 173.

By Robert Callahan “Webster Parish 911 to Webster Fire District 7: Respond to a possible structure fire at the Family Store in Dixie Inn. Employees are reporting a fire in the rear storeroom. Your automatic mutual-aid engine is being dispatched as well.” For Webster Parish Fire District 7 in Dixie Inn, Louisiana, where I am a captain and the training officer, these few simple words could start a chain of events that not only would tax our small volunteer department’s resources and training but also would likely involve the response of several surrounding mutual-aid departments and fire districts. It would also create a situation where the company officers would have to make a series of critical decisions in a very short time in positions possibly ranging from the initial incident commander (IC) to the supervising officer of the fire attack or ventilation crews. Webster Fire District 7 is not alone…

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