Fire EMS

On Gaining from Loss

Issue 7 and Volume 173.

Speeding ambulance
Fire/Rescue StreetSense ❘ By Kate Dernocoeur You can’t be in this business and not be witness to unusual numbers (and sorts) of deaths, especially these days. For people who entered the helping professions to make things better, our encounters with death can sometimes be unnerving even for the most well-balanced and seasoned veterans. RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING Sometimes They Die, No Matter What We Do Endurance for the Duration How Do You and Your Department Survive a Traumatic Event? It’s easy and quite human to adopt a “win-lose” attitude about our work. Someone was better when we delivered them to the next caregivers? A win. They died? A loss. But is it really about winning and losing? The dying and the death will never stop being a part of what we do. Maybe it’s helpful to regard this aspect of our work differently. Maybe it’s more about adopting a viewpoint that…

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