What Kind of Leader Do You Want, and What Kind Do You Wish to Be?

Issue 7 and Volume 173.

By Dave Casey It has been said that only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.1 In a recent survey that included ranking the top 10 global trends, lack of leadership was number 3; 86% of the respondents cited a leadership crisis in the world today.2 We all pretty much agree that leadership is important and that, at least globally, there is a lack of leadership. “Leadership is not a talent you have or you don’t. In fact, it is not a talent. It is an observable, learnable set of skills and abilities.”1 Leadership has been a topic featured frequently on numerous Web sites and in books and articles and from many perspectives, including toxic leadership; servant leadership; leadership failure; and “how to lead” in general industry, in the military, and in the fire service. RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING Learning Leadership by Observing What…

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