This Virus Has Made Fools of Us All

Issue 08 and Volume 173.

Every now and then, our assumptions get challenged. Occasionally, this requires we conduct some minor tweaking as in moving a handline from one room or location to another to knock down some undetected fire. Sometimes, as we all have experienced, we are forced to abandon a strategy completely—say, when interior operations move to a tactical withdrawal. During these types of challenges, we use terms like switching from offensive to defensive; we closely monitor conditions and very deliberately and very swiftly change our posture, location, mindset, and methods. These types of events are interesting, and routinely our divisions of Advanced Hindsight Bias often arrive soon after to explain to everyone what we failed to do; what we should have done; and, naturally, why we are bad people, complacent, or just reckless. Following these events, some of the participants, especially those at the high end of the dominance food chain, get nicknames:…

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