Fire EMS

No Fast-Forwarding Past the Hard Parts

Issue 08 and Volume 173.

Speeding ambulance
Fire/Rescue StreetSense ❘ By Kate Dernocoeur Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a remote control for life that would allow us to fast-forward through the hard parts? Our line of work demands us to address hard stuff all the time. Whether it’s a brush fire that refuses to stop spreading, an entrenched depression, or failure to connect well with someone you’re trying to help, half the battle is recognizing when it’s time to try a different tactic. This is because there really is no other choice: It isn’t possible to “fast-forward” through such times. That’s why they are hard! Unlike the hard things we more typically do that have a known endpoint, COVID-19 is cursedly different. With no reliable finish line (whatever that ends up looking like) or timeline for recovering routines and fun that were interrupted when the pandemic came along, there is the additional gloom of feeling precious…

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