Fireground Management, Leadership

Military Briefing Tools for the Fire Service

Issue 08 and Volume 173.

By Jerry Knapp Fire Department officers and other emergency services leaders are called to present a briefing at large-scale incidents or planned (multiagency) events as part of executing and deploying resources directed by the incident action plan. Administratively, briefings are critical for conveying ideas to improve and modernize your fire department. This article explains how you can increase your effectiveness in presenting briefings by applying leadership methods used by our military. Written communication is more difficult than verbal communication, but it is also more effective. When you “put it in writing,” your ideas gain in substance. Writing provides advantages such as the ability to sequentially design and build your thought in rough form. During this phase, it is generally determined whether to proceed with or abandon the proposition. Seeing the idea on paper enables you to review it and to revise or expand it, if necessary. It may even lead…

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