Commentary, Leadership


Issue 09 and Volume 173.

editor’s opinion ❘ By BOBBY HALTON We all want to understand and practice how to build good teams, strong crews, and outstanding firefighters. It would be great if all it required were outstanding training, discipline, and structure. But, we all learn early in our careers that it takes more—a lot more—than that. It takes a special something more and, thankfully, that more is not intangible, nor does it defy explanation; but my words are clumsy about such things. I don’t include every firefighter in my limited sphere of understanding. I know a lot of you whom I can’t hold a candle to intellectually. But, nonetheless, if you will indulge an old and uncomplicated crew boss, how is it that the fire service takes people from incredibly different backgrounds and beliefs and unites us in what is unarguably the most altruistic pursuit known to mankind, firefighting? To wrap our heads around…

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