Extrication Zone, Technical Rescue

Using Pickets as Stable Anchors

Issue 09 and Volume 173.

TRAINING NOTEBOOK ❘ By Jeremy Rifflard A steel picket is an underutilized tool for fire rescue. Rescuers can quickly place a picket anchor to tie back a vehicle to keep it from shifting (photo 1). A picket anchor is easy to set up for lowering or raising personnel or equipment in low-angle terrain. Pickets can be used outside of a structure to tie off a search rope. Picket anchors are often used along rivers to anchor swiftwater ferrying systems. In structural collapse, pickets are used to prevent emergency shoring from shifting (photo 2). When staffing is an issue, pickets can be used to hold trench panels. This will free personnel for other tasks. A steel picket is three to four feet in length and one inch in diameter. Minimal training is needed to become familiar with picket installation. Pickets can be used individually or in a series for a stronger anchor…

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