Technical Rescue

The Technical Rescue Preplan

Issue 09 and Volume 173.

THE RESCUE COMPANY ❘ By JAKE HOFFMAN As fire departments across the nation are tasked with additional responsibilities such as emergency medical services (EMS), community risk reduction, public education, and others, it has become even easier for perishable skills such as those needed for technical rescues to become rusty. Although technical rescue incidents are rare, the public will undoubtedly call you for these high-risk/low-frequency events and expect you to know what to do or to call someone who does. Just as fire preplans are essential tools in developing a game plan prior to a fire occurring in a structure, departments should not overlook the importance of developing a technical rescue preplan. You can conduct preplans for firefighting operations easily in public facilities or buildings to which the fire department responds frequently. However, obtaining access to high-hazard locations such as industrial facilities, construction sites, and high-rise rooftops may be difficult without…

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