Firefighting, Truck Company

Searchable vs. Survivable: Educated Decision Making

Issue 09 and Volume 173.

BY SEAN DUFFY On the fireground, time is not ours to waste. We must identify our searchable spaces immediately! We can employ multiple methods to enhance the survivability of unprotected occupants. We will be operating in places that are occupied by civilians, so how we search matters. It is the expectation that we will perform in an aggressive and effective manner. When you first arrive on scene, some vital information to know includes the following: Where can we search? What will be the best way to effect our search? How can we increase our odds to not only locate victims but remove them in the most efficient manner? Let us not forget that life is and always will be our number one priority! It should never be a firefighter’s mindset to focus on “what’s good for us” but rather to concentrate our efforts on what is best for the civilians!…

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