Technical Rescue

Moving Victims Alone Using a 2:1 Mechanical Advantage System

Issue 09 and Volume 173.

By Alexander Degnan It is dangerous to overestimate our ability to move a down person single-handedly any distance. It is equally perilous to underestimate the environment in which we have to do it. Up the stairs, down the stairs, across a hall—we must be prepared to move a victim anywhere that is away from the punishing conditions. A rapidly changing, immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) environment necessitates speed. Consider the simple maneuver below that can aid us in partial or total removal of a victim from an unforgiving environment—quickly. Moving a Firefighter Imagine that you and your partner are conducting a search semi-belowgrade as the engine crew gets a stranglehold on the fire. Very close to the entryway, your partner goes down. You do all the right things: You ensure he is breathing and has air, and you initiate emergency radio traffic to identify your location, unit, and…

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