Technical Rescue

The Public Safety Dive Team: Is It Time to Push the Pause Button?

Issue 09 and Volume 173.

By Scott Huff Professional firefighters and public safety divers (PSDs) strive to achieve and maintain safety, comfort, and job-specific proficiency. This should be the case for every diver on the team regardless of years on the job. The reality is that this level of comfort and proficiency is seen mostly in newly trained divers. Soon after, they, too, start falling into the lull created by a lack of operational runs and, in some cases, hands-on training. After the initial dive training period wears off, many teams get lazy and develop the mentality, “We are experienced divers; the job is straightforward, and we don’t need training.” Or, we make our training match our run load, which is the totally opposite of how we should be thinking and training as PSDs. RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING Training Options for Your Dive Team Dive Rescue Series: Dive Team Trainees Learn to Make Rescue a Reality…

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